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Department of Geography,
Faculty of Liberal Arts,
Saitama University

FOUNDED : 1949
GRANTED : 4/1/03-3/31/04 -- 3 Masters
NUMBERS OF STUDENTS : 30 Majors, 3 Masters
Department of Geography, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Saitama University,
Shimo-Ohkubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, 338-8570, JAPAN.

Fax : +81-(0)48-858-3687

Mineaki KANNO, Ph.D., Professor
* Research Interest
Urban Geography, Regional Geography of North America
* Themes of Research

Internal Structure of Cities in Japan and U.S.A., Population Movement in Cities, and Regional Characteristics in U.S.A.
* Telephone:+81-(0)48-858-3075
* E-Mail :kanno@mail.saitama-u.ac.jp
Mitsuru YAMAMOTO, Dr.Sc., Professor
* Research Interest
Rural and Agricultual Geography, Regional Geography of Europe
* Themes of Research

The Structural Changes of Rural and Mountain Villages in Japan, Germany, and Austria.
* Telephone:+81-(0)48-858-3077
* E-Mail@:yamam@mail.saitama-u.ac.jp

Programs and Research Facilities

The Department of Geography provides broadly based undergraduate programs in physical, human and regional geography and in geographic information systems. The department's strengths are in urban geography, rural and agricultual geography, GIS, and regional geography of North America and Europe.
A broad range of computer and related equipment available within the department, including microcomputers on a local area network with digitizers, scanners, and color printers with current software in selected areas. The department supports software for mapping, digital image processing and GIS applications. All students have internet access and e-mail address.

Academic Plans
Undergraduate: The University is on semester system. Students majoring in geography can work towards a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in geography. All majors begin their studies with a basic core curriculumn that includes introductory courses in human geography, and physical geography. This is followed by required courses such as methods of regional research, laboratory work of human geography, reading of geographcal articles in foreign language, seminar in geography. The remaining credit hours can include any combination of human geography, physical geography and regional geography.
Graduate: The M.A. degree is offered with a concentration in areas of human and regional geography as well as in geographic techniques. The M.A. degree requires 6 core hours of coursework, a minimum of 30 elective hours and a thesis, it can normally be completed in two years.