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May 25, 2000


I am pleased to inform you that my first English-language book entitled LIVES OF YOUNG KOREANS IN JAPAN has just been published by Trans Pacific Press, a new publishing house based in Melbourne, Australia. This is an expanded version of my Japanese-language book, ZAINICHI KANKOKU-CHOSENJIN, published by Chuokoron-sha in 1993. It was translated into English by Dr Tom Gill who is now an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would encourage your students to read the book and your university library to purchase a copy or two.

One can order copies of the book via the internet by accessing the following site: <http://www.transpacificpress.com/public/home.ehtml>. Both paperback and hardback editions are available at 39.95 and 99.95 Australian dollars per copy respectively, including freight and handling costs. This means that the paperback edition is approximately 24 US dollars and 2,900 Japanese yen and the hardback edition approximately 60 US dollars and 7,100 Japanese yen.

A short description of the book and a table of contents are available on my homepage <http://www.kyy.saitama-u.ac.jp/~fukuoka/lives.html>.

The book constitutes Volume 1 of the Japanese Society Series of Trans Pacific Press under the general editorship of Professor Yoshio Sugimoto, Professor of Sociology at La Trobe University, who I understand has recently resigned as general editor of the Japanese Studies Series of Kegan Paul International.

I would welcome questions, comments and criticisms on any aspects of the book.



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Conference Papers

FUKUOKA, Y. (translated by Tom Gill), 1997, "The Identities of Young Koreans in Japan" (Session 455, Discrimination and Resistance: Korean Residents in Japan), American Sociological Association, 92nd Annual Meeting: August 9-13, 1997, Toronto, CANADA.

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I would like to add a note to the reader regarding my research on Koreans in Japan translated into English. All of my research available in English has been translated by close colleagues of mine. Not only are my colleagues fluent in English and Japanese, but they are familiar with issues related to Japanese minorities. Accordingly, as the author of these works, I am quite satisfied with the translations. However, although the romanization of Korean names and theoretical concepts used in my analyses are consistent in the original Japanese manuscripts, they vary with each translated work. Please note that my most recently translated works tend to provide the most accurate translations of the original Japanese versions.


Invitation to Minority Research Conference


E-mail: fukuoka@mail.saitama-u.ac.jp